The 4 Levels of PQR

Understand the unique, holistic concept of PQR by realising the dynamic, dimensional interaction of its 4 levels.


(1) Healthy, resilient buildings: EMF-proof (5G, EMP, radiation), weather-proof (hurricanes),  earthquake-proof, cost efficient. 

(2) Indoor grown, high-quality food (aquaponics), weather and season independent. 

(3) Pure, energised water.

(4) Waste reduction.   

5) Clean energy production and high efficiency. 

(6) Advanced self healing technologies and prevention programs.


(1) Win-Win-Win for investors, tech-providers, operator-home and community builders and the planet. 

(2) Resource backed Cryptocurrency and smart contracts.

(3) Fractal structure for global scalability, free access for everybody on open source basis, highly adaptable and proven. 

(4) Protection against the collapse of financial system, economy, food logistics, currency, energy grid.


(1) Quantum Consciousness model for everyone

(2) The Co-Creation Community model

(3) The New Paradigm Economy model

Inner Level: THE SET POINT

THRIVEabilty for everybody as the ultimate outcome.

Financial freedom, joyful, co-creative community and a fulfilling lifestyle in unity with oneself, humanity and nature.

A Win-Win-Win Game

PQR creates a balanced economic flow, where you, and your partners, and the whole planet win.

You have money!

You have money to invest in a safe, stable, thriving business and to support your community!

You provide technology!

You provide technologies and services, aligned with the needs of both humans and nature!

You have a dream!

You have a dream to live a self sustaining, safe, fulfilling life in freedom and flow!

 Take a Look

Find your inspiration by looking at our short video-presentation, the PQR in Pics, or by studying our PQR White Paper


8 Powerful Reasons for Pleasant Quantum Rise

A short video-presentation and overview of the PQR structures, strategies and set points.

Spoken by Mike Upstone, co-founder of PQR and the mastermind of the PQR program.

Duration: 14 minutes


Quantum Rise

in Pics

A short summary of the PQR program in pics and text.

You will get an overview of 8 important reasons why PQR is your ticket to a free and thriving life, by joining investors, technology providers and project operators in one elegant economic flow.

PDF-Format Booklet


Study the details of our PQR program and find out the depth and the beauty of all its structures and strategies. Get inspired and motivated by all the easy to manifest possibilities that arise from a crystal clear vision of a humanity in abundance, freedom and peace.

Our Team

PQR’s intention and vision is developed by an international, co-creative team. Our intention is to help others to help themselves, by providing connections to technology, integrating them in proven models and making that information available in a flexible form, on a free, open source basis.

Dr. Andreas Jell


Doctor of Quantum Cybernetics and PQR co-founder. 

Simone Jell-Dunemann


Yoga teacher, FLOW-IN Coach, healer.

Bret Warshawsky


Bret’s life’s work is to catalyze a renaissance for philanthropy.

Ray Savage


Flow Genome Coach, assisting the expansion of consciousness.

Melanie Berliat


Commercial Agent, Kindergarten Teacher. She works for a healthy and self sustainable life for all.

Daniel Stockley


Worked in the film and advertising industry, health and alternative money specialist.

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