The PQR-Flow

Your Place in the Dynamic

Get some insights in the science behind PQR, namely the ’Q‘ in its core. And find out the place in the flow of the PQR economy that could be your’s.

You may say we are dreamers

….. but we are definitely NOT! We’ve constructed and designed PQR based on our life long experience in economics and quantum-paradigm-backed research.

Beyond the old paradigm illusory idea of a reality of separated things in empty space,
we practically apply the quantum view on this universe, and us humans in all we do:

A holographic universe

– and so are we. Humans are single units in the organism of life, fully connected to the entire biosphere and the universe. 

A quantum universe

The universe, life, and matter all are based on quantum principles. It’s so much more than only 5 senses, which are blind to dimensions beyond time and space.

A cybernetic universe

– where all parts, including us humans, are woven into feedback loops, and what happens to one effects each and every part!

Upgrade your world-view

The ’Q‚ in PQR helps you upgrade your world view to a modern, practice-proven, holographic, Quantum-cybernetics model for a pleasant rise into a New Quantum Paradigm of humanity.

The PQR-Flow of Values

Let us take you on a short journey along our PQR-Flow to get a taste of its beauty and brilliant simplicity – be it as an investor, a technology and service provider, or as a PQR-member.

Go on a Tour!

PQR provides safe cooperation and trust for all parties involved through latest blockchain technology, proven models, and individual adaptability of the contracts. It’s all open source and free for all members and without the need of third party interventions or centralised regulation mechanisms.

Savers & Investors Flow

As investor you use £, $, € to purchase PQR Tokens.

Those tokens equal your security ownership in projects and project development, contracted on our blockchain and according to our model for mutual prosperity.

Your tokens are bought back by the members and swapped into PQR resource backed currency, which you can spend in related projects to buy food, or enjoy a BnB visit for example – or you exchange to fiat (£, $, €, etc.) as required.

The exchange can be done through each local project as they will take in fiat and use it to purchase PQR coins within the PQR model.

You have a structured exit strategy, in the meantime you are secured via property ownership/effectively business shareholdings, and by a resource-backed currency, so you have a currency inflation hedge and a return.

Tech-Providers Flow

If you provide technology and / or services, all the details are regulated through smart contracts, which guarantee stability and safety for all parties involved.

You can be paid with the inflation-proof, resource backed PQR crypto currency you can use for your purchase of food or services everywhere in the PQR network. And the resource backed PQR crypto currency can be converted back to fiat currency.

You also have the option to be paid with our PQR resource backed crypto currency in full or in part for your product sales – through each outlet. 

To do this you simply accept a standard contract format – which you modify, specifying the amount of resource backed currency you will accept on sales, or even entering in to local manufacturing agreements. 

And every outlet becomes a sales outlet based on people using your products.

Members Flow

The funds from the sales of PQR-Token are used to acquire your land, buildings, and technologies compliant with our model. In some cases suppliers may choose to accept payment in PQR Tokens – ask them.

Your costs of living are reduced, and the money flow starts with predictable surplus funds, which you can use to acquire PQR resource backed currency.

You can choose to spend your currency locally, which boosts the local economy, or enter funds into the currency swap to buy out the token ownership of your property. 

You are not obligated to do this and the amounts are not fixed, so there is no audit required or attendant costs.

However the quicker you pay the quicker you own your property, the lower the attendant costs, and the higher the profitability, so you have every incentive to do so. Each year you pay 1% of the outstanding value of tokens in the form of a gold-backed crypto currency. This goes in to a fund for your project. When the tokens for your property have been fully redeemed and you are the full owner, this gold backed crypto pot is split equally between you and the token purchasers. You both win!

PQR – Phases of Growth

See the 4 major phases of our PQR growing to its full thriving. To stop the infinite flow of the presentation, simply hover your cursor over, or tap (mobile) on the part, you want to study and consider in detail!

Pre-Launch Phase

Preparing the soil and getting PQR growing first roots.

Includes the following steps:

Establish global and local organisation(s) to accept funds.


2 crowd funding videos (English and German),

one will be a vision video,

the other will explain the steps for delivery,

both will include 3D graphics and drone footage.


Website development, including an easy-to-use database containing all the information people need.


Legal input to Terms and Conditions.

Launch Phase

Planting all components and spreading the first seeds.

Includes the following steps:

Crowd funding + pre-publicity for PQR.


Initial building prototyping – single house and retrofit.


Recording of technologies, building techniques, statistical analysis of cost and payback information, website database structuring and release of data, including nutritional quality of food.


Development of smart contracts, tokens, crypto currency and integration of these elements.


Social media support.

Single Project Establishment Phase

Supporting the global dissemination of single PQR projects.

Includes the following steps:

Supporting single house projects and retrofits  (applying both the full PQR program and specific parts.


Developing and performing workshops and online education units on various areas of the PQR model.


Process feedback and model improvements.


New community model final planning.


Proving model forecasts and incorporation in to smart contracts.

Community Establishment Phase

Supporting the global dissemination of PQR community projects..

Includes the following steps:

New community model building.


Abandoned community turn around.


Established community upgrade.


Implementation of the conscious co-creation tools.


Urban model rollout.

Join us! It’s a true win-win-win game!

 You win, your partners win, and the entire planet wins!